Authentic traditional Irish pub

Step into Joyce’s of Borris, and you’re stepping into all the best of Ireland’s unique pub culture.

Joyce’s have always offered a warm welcome and great service, and that remains the case today. It has stayed true to its roots in other ways too, delivering the same atmosphere that people have enjoyed for generations.


Steeped in sporting tradition

Like many a good Irish bar, Joyce’s has had a long association with sport, and particularly GAA and the local Mount Leinster Rangers club (All-Ireland hurling finalists in 2014).

Many of the old photos that adorn its walls feature teams of proud Borris men of days gone by. And today, it’s a great place to gather to watch any big sporting event that’s being shown on TV, whether it’s hurling, gaelic football, soccer, rugby, or more.

Just pull up a stool, settle in, and enjoy!


Barista coffee and pastries

While much of Joyce’s charm comes from staying the same as always, it changes with the times too.

The newest offerings there are barista coffee and pastries – a service which started during Covid-19 restrictions, and which has since become hugely popular.

The coffee is some of the best around, and the tantalisingly tasty treats are locally sourced. Try them once, and you won’t be able to stop yourself from going back for more.


Catering and Music Sessions

Joyce’s also offers a catering service for occasions such as parties, funerals, and more. Selections of food to suit all tastes and budgets can be provided – simply contact the bar to learn more.

Music sessions are another attraction, as they carry on another great Irish pub tradition. Sessions are held all year round, for example after a wedding, or to mark some other occasion…or just when a group of musicians feel like it! Featuring the best of local and visiting talent, all are welcome to enjoy the music, or even join in.



Joyce’s has been a Borris institution for centuries, going back to when it was first built as an inn in 1827 and continuing through since the Joyce family took it over in 1923.

In the past, it was a thriving grocery, hardware shop, and agricultural providers as well as a pub and hotel. The regular Borris Fair Days were particularly busy, with men drinking in the bar, and women making themselves comfortable in “The Tap Room”, which now operates as a snug.

Today, Joyce’s remains at the heart of the community – proud of its past, and looking forward to the future. It’s still as unique as always, and they look forward to welcoming you there.